Philosophy -  "Humanity on top of technology"

In working with CXOs of varying organizations Carlo empathizes with the simultaneous feelings of excitement and urgency provoked by our current environment and potential impact on our workforce.

Transformation is the driving theme of today’s economy, as technological, social and global trends converge in a new industrial revolution. The most common C-suite responses are “What does this disruption mean for my business?” and “What should I do about it?”

A recent Korn Ferry Global Study has shown that:

  • “Majority of CEOs see more value in technology than in their workforce
  • Two-Thirds of CEOs believe technology will be their firm’s greatest competitive advantage
  • Nearly half say Robotics, Automation and Artificial Intelligence will make people ‘Largely Irrelevant’

Gartner predicts that 50% of the jobs will be impacted in the US by automation. Furthermore PwC indicates between 30-40% of jobs in Europe are at risk.

To Carlo’s opinion the unique quality of people and strong and purposeful leadership will be key differentiators in an age where the customer experience is of great value. Carlo is optimistic on the future if we make the right decisions and show leadership. The future cannot be created just based on blind optimism or paralyzing fear!

Carlo's purpose is to inspire leaders and game changers to create a future where technology improves the quality of our society, our lives and our work and not to disrupt it. With his movement he wants to provide information and fuel the debate about how to ensure that we guide, harness, and control science and technology developments so that they fulfill their primary purpose, which should be serving humanity and furthering human flourishing. The organisations that succeed will put "Humanity on top of technology".

The challenge during the disruption and "preparing for take-off" lies in sorting hype from reality, and in designing the right strategy to thrive in a sustainable way. Through speaking and writing Carlo shares his insights.

He strongly embraces the philosophy that the future is not something that just happens through us. We create our future every single day, based on our beliefs, ethics and actions. We always have choices, but we should discover them early!

Next to the information on this site Carlo provides an UP2US information exchange platform on Facebook. On this platform Digital disruption will be discussed in conjunction with the Future of Work and Leadership in the Digital Age. Entrepreneurs and executives from different industries and policy makers can find and exchange information to assess and discuss ways in which technology is beneficial for the business and our society, while providing fulfilling jobs for the employees.