“Empower leaders to build meaningful futures”


The future of work asks us to consider the biggest questions of our age. What influence will the continuing march of technology, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) have on where we work and how we work? Will we need to work at all? What is our place in an automated world? Many purely focus on technology and the role that automation is predicted to have on jobs and the workplace. Carlo believes the real story is far more complicated. This is not only about technological innovation, but merely about the manner in which humans decide to use that technology.

Through his writing and speaking Carlo’s purpose is to inspire leaders to augment our society and business with technology that improves our lives, while humanizing the Future of Work.

He wants to inspire people to use new technologies in a proper way and build human organizations where people purposefully love to work under mindful and inspiring leadership in good harmony with technology. Through proper use of technology, we can make the world better by curing diseases, save the environment for our children and create more equal opportunities for everyone on this planet.

See Carlo’s more detailed Vision.


Over the last 22 years Carlo Schreurs worked within leading Tier 1 IT consultancies and large multinationals. This includes IBM, Fujitsu, Cognizant and Royal FrieslandCampina. He always successfully worked in leadership and transformational roles on the edge of business and technology/IT. As a consequence, in 2015 Carlo won the TOMMIE AWARD for Most Inspirational Sourcing Leader” by ICT Media/Outsource Magazine.

More important than his track record is the story that he represents. Carlo doesn’t just write or talks about digital transformation from the books. He has lived it, sometimes resulting in “scars on his backs”. In his career Carlo successfully worked for numerous clients including Ahold, KLM, ABP, Philips and PON. In order to stay practically involved he is still working daily “on the frontlines” as Business group CIO and Business transformation leader.


Carlo is fascinated by and passionate about what the digital age can bring to our societies, our organizations and what it means for the future of work. He is a trendviewer, public speaker, and writer. Specifically on the topics of digitalization and technical innovation, the future of work and leadership in the Digital Age. Carlo is known for his independent and bold voice.



Carlo lives in the western coastal region in the Netherlands close to the city of Haarlem (20km from Amsterdam). He lives there with his wife and two teenage daughters. He is a sports fanatic (formerly karate and triathlons, now fitness) and loves to practice drumming. In this era dominated by social media he tries to keep a mindful way of living and sometimes practices yoga.

After an intense personal experience, he followed the Hoffman Process in the UK. In this intense program he sharpened his life vision. He decided to build a community on the Future of Work and Leadership in the Digital Age, initially focused on writing and speaking these areas.