Digital success through Human excellence

Carlo Schreurs combines his futuristic view on digital disruption with over 20 years of award-winning senior leadership into a compelling vision for the future of work and leadership.

He goes beyond the futurists "this is what the world would look like". As a result he identifies distruptive megatrends and provides actionable insights in his presentations to business leaders, enterpreneurs and policy makers. Above all, he does not only speak to the mind but also touches the hearts with his humanistic vision where technology is embraced for the greater good of mankind.  

Innovation is the answer. The power is with the innovators. The world is ours - but it’s all about how we use it.

Personal story - Carlo

Currently the influence of technology on our society goes through an exponential curve. Carlo is fascinated about how technology could improve our lives and how we as leaders should manage that change. He strongly feels we should "disrupt to improve" not "disrupt to disrupt", meaning technology should enhance our lives and society and not to disrupt it. He is a vivid trendviewer on digital transformation and the effects on the Future of Work, the organisation and leadership in the Digital Age. As a result he combines this futuristic outside in view with his experiences and "scars on his back" from working in large organisations.

After a series of personal events, Carlo sharpened his life vision. As a result he has started a community on the Future of Work and Leadership in the Digital Age next to his leadership work.  

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